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My Life with Vanessa: A Journal of the Plagued Years by Myst Wismer
Autobiography cataloging the rites of passage of Myst's journey to new wisdom

My Life with Vanessa is a sensitive tale of coming of age in a world where unpleasant acts of sibling rivalry, hostile encounters with a rival, and mindless violence coexist with moments of exquisite beauty, joy and true compassion -- as told by a cat.

What the Feline Critics Have to Say:

"Myst is one smart cookie. I threw out Vanessa early on. I also echo her views on male cats and all their disagreeable traits." --Black Moretti

"Living with Black all these years, I can only sympathize with Vanessa's plight at the mercy of that stuffy autocrat, Myst. I'm sorry I rejected the poor little twit as a child." --Ms. Gabby Moretti

"Well, I like her book, but I don't understand how Myst can bear to stay cooped up in the house all the time. I'd really miss going out to catch rodents for my Mommie." --Shelby Emerson

"Myst, you're obviously an uptight literary type. Com'on outside, Baby, let loose, and join me for a frolic in the woods. " --Mr. "Big Boy" Cooper

"All lies and slander! I'm calling my attorney in the morning." --Zeus

"Myst ist wunderkid! She can go roof-hoppin' any time midt me in der fadderland." --Iggy LeBlanc

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Order My Life with Vanessa by Myst Wismer

Order My Life with Vanessa by Myst Wismer

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