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Virgin Mother of Three by I. A Crumpton
Poems and prose of survival through a heartbreaking divorce written from a woman's perspective.

Virgin Mother of Three, by I. A. Crumpton, is poetry and prose about the end of love and how a 40-something woman, newly divorced, adjusts to the prospects of loving again: "It feels good ... knowing/ someone is interested" she says in "Practice Man." "Dinner? ... hmmm ... maybe./ Sounds safe ... and I could practice./ Oh, you know, that social/ intercourse we call dating. // I could never go/ there, I'm just not ready./ But, I could practice ... Yes, you/ may be my practice man."

"What an interesting phenomenon ... " the author writes in the poem that gives the title to the collection. "The heartbreak and disappointment/ The anger and insensitivity/ The soul searching and acceptance/ The signing and the sadness/ The re-entry and insecurity/ The excitement and desire/ The playful new virginity/ What an interesting phenomenon .../ Divorce."

Anger surfaces often in the poems of the first section, "The End." "The phone call/ The shock/ The confusion/ The humiliation/ The composure/ The cover-up/ The necessary excuses/ The flight" ... "The doubt/ The doubt/ Forever the doubt/ The strength/ The decision stands// I cannot write down/ this anger/ and pain/ that I feel!// I have asked/ you to be gone."

"Oh, my children," the author writes in "You Are Loved," "what you have had to endure,/ the sadness, the anger, the guilt/ and abstraction."

The book ends with a note of self-confidence, a prose description of a solo camping trip: "Sipping her coffee, she watched the sunrise and toasted the new day." This is a new beginning. --Dan Barnett, The Buzz

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Order Virgin Mother of Three by I. A. Crumpton, ISBN 0-9708661-2-7

Order Virgin Mother of Three by I. A. Crumpton

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