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Poetry for the Light by Kenneth Hunter Brown
 Collection of selected poems by Kenneth Hunter Brown

That Inside Sun
That Spring
Poem-I Study Silence
Seeking Trouble
"The Devil's Due"
Right Hand Hidden
Under the Shadow (for Jungians)
I Would Not
Make Certain
Of Ego and Self
That Light
Meditation on This Time, That Time
Poems About Poems
Poems About Poems
Catching Poems
At This Point
Garbage Out
To Her Lover Who Stopped Writing Poems
Because of More Pressing Concerns
Letter to Sister
Visiting at the Asylum
Making Poems That Are True
Poems to Poets
Emily Dickinson
Poem for W.W.
Kaddish for Allen Ginsberg
The Song is You (Charlie Parker)
Poems to Poets (continued)
Federico Garcia Lorca
To Wallace Stevens
No Category Poems
Man in Charge
Poem-So Undertake Me Down
Old Men Fall Off their Carousel
The Return of Cain
Why We Call It Wall Street
Friendly Gods
Going From Church
What there Is Only (A Noel)
I Cannot Tell By Your Voice When You Will Die
Poem-Dark Sea, Dark Forest
Poem-Any Way We Shall Continue
At the Museum with Daughter
There is a Flaw in Nature
Awake Again Like Finn Again
A Truth
Making Gods of Men
How Seldom Squirrels Go Splat
Poem-Even Being is Heavy
Poem-It is Because We Have
Imitated Meekness
A Vision
The Persian Rug
A Church
Poem-River Goes By
Love Poems
Winter Scene
O Say Thee'd Sooner Go
Love Poems (Continued)
Now Love Be Done
Poem-The Sounds of This Music
Learning from Fish
Mary-Only Believe I Love You
What the Magus Said
Trespass Love
Name of the Game
Poem-Ah Lover
To Mary-You Claim to Forget
Grand Daughter, Age Almost 3
Mary-She is But Beauty
Sailing to Mytelini You Mary
Studying Mary
Poems for Fun
He Said
Become no Statue
Jesus Had a Nerve to Sing This Song
Life is Long
Brother Worm
What Is Is
Ego Tricking
The Artist, I Dread, I Dread
Who Am I?
The Artist, I Am An Artist

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