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Turnip Patch Infield and a Navajo by Lawrence A. Wenzel
Two former baseball teammates from different cultures cross paths during WWII. A murder happens on V-J Day. A mysterious woman appears years later when the two reunite.

About the author

Lawrence “Larry” A. Wenzel, born in 1923, is a professor emeritus at California State University, Chico. He grew up in Southern California during the Great Depression and served in the Marine Corps in the South Pacific during World War II.

After the war Dr. Wenzel was “awarded benefits of the GI Bill by congressional affirmative action” and went to college. He was a Harvard Ford Fellow and a Fullbright Exchange professor with the University of Manchester. He taught college sociology and philosophy for thirty-one years.

Turnip Patch Infield and a Navajo, expresses Wenzel’s thoughts and memories about baseball and World War II.

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Comments by the publisher

Although Larry Wenzel wrote two novels, traveled to Nicaragua in support of its revolution from the Somoza dictatorship, and taught philosophy to hundreds, he chose to be remembered as a baseball player. The former second baseman and line-drive hitter died January 2002, the year his favorite team -- the San Francisco Giants -- played in the World Series.

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Turnip Patch Infield and a Navajo, ISBN 0-918606-13-4, $22.95

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