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Riding the Tiger's Back: A Footnote to the Assassination of JFK by Phillip Hemenway
Frightening story about a man who claimed Lee Harvey Oswald told him his plan to kill the president

Comments by the publisher

When Karl von Kleist told me his story I was skeptical. I asked him to bring me the documents he had discovered when he went through his father's estate. Seeing original posters of Robert Clayton Buick, the subject of this book, as an American bull fighter in Mexico, then seeing an FBI poster of Buick as one of their Ten Most Wanted, piqued my interest. Then Karl gave me an old Mexico City hotel receipt showing Buick and John W. Price as guests. It was there that Buick allegedly claimed he had met with Lee Harvey Oswald in 1962. Also given to me were his father's notes from conversations he had with Buick. Karl's story began to check out.

The book required a writer of Phillip Hemenway's caliber to piece the mystery together. Questions were asked. No one seemed to know where Buick went following his release from three 20-year prison sentences after barely serving five years. Based on von Kleist's papers and Hemenway's investigation, writing Riding the TIger's Back became a story of intrigue that required the skills of former police officer Karl von Kleist and the author. Riding the Tiger's Back is a footnote to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy -- a story the father of Karl von Kleist left behind to be found after his death -- a story of the story unfolded by Phillip Hemenway.

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Riding the Tiger's Back, ISBN 0-918606-11-X, $23.95

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