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Back in Town edited by Susan Bent
An anthology of 15 Chico, California, poets.

Kevin Campbell

"How the Lay Begins"

"On the Side of My Life"

"First Meditation"

"Love for Love's Sake"


Quinton Duval

"Songs of the Wagon Driver"


"Full of Emptiness"

"I Point Out a Bird"

"Baron Samedi"

"Guerilla Letter"

Hugo Ekback

"Farm Song"

"The Rehabilitation of Incestuous Roger"


"Losing Your Cherry with a Real Fat Woman Is Like Graduating in the Upper Third of Your Class"

"Things Come Together"

Steve Griffin


"High Diver"



"Grandma and Bacchus"

Phillip Hemenway

"Little Deaths"

"Zia 'seppina"

"Tale for Small Children Who Won't Believe Just Anything"

"En este siglo somos todos hijos de la Chingada"

"Sister Mary Lamb"

Donald Junkins

"Crossing by Ferry"

Swan's Island, August 9, 1974

""Look--it's a purple finch!""

"On the Lawn of the Mental Hospital with Susan, My Student"

George Keithley

"I Knew There Was Nothing Wrong"

"The Superior Court"

"The Big Rock Candy Mountain"

"What Is the Wild Love That Leads Us?"

"Ash Hollow"

"Spring Is the Smallest Thing We Know"

Hugh Knox


"Dear Jane"

"Ah, Maxine, I Think I Love You"

"If I Speak To You"

"Getting Down"


Norman Mallory

"Domestic Melancholy"


"Drunk in Reno"


"Sanguine on Paper"


Dorothy Eda Monahan

"A Message to  Our Men"

"I've Been Reading Laments"

"On Having a Holy Card to Pass Around the Table"

"In the Pasture"

"Out Your Window"

Dennis Ross

"Reflection While Passing Thermalito Afterbay"

"X Marks St. Andrew's Eve"

"The Stone Scarab"

"Merry Music for Norman Mallory--An Irrational Number"

"20th Century Loup-garou"


Michael Seely

"I Called This Woman"

"Your Burial"

"The Radical Therapist, the Railroad Man, and the Divorce Ceremony"

Irwin L. Sweet




"Girl Selling Vegetables"

"Afternoon Epiphany"

Gary Thompson

"One Way"

"Two Keys"

"Afternoon Wind"

"Black Stone"

Alison Zier

"Hitler Youth"

"Cocteau Film"

"Growing Up in Woolworth's"

Editor's Notes

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Back in Town, ISBN 0-918606-02-0, $7.95

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