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The Middle Aged Princess and the Frog by Alison Zier
Poems with fierce perception and sharp edged imagery

"Alison Zier's poems are utterly brilliant and compelling. They will demand of you, as reader, your total resources. Her vision is amassed without mercy -- litanies of devastating and graphic detail out of American life in the forties and fifties ... notations of such wicked exactness, that one is left pummeled and purged, as in the effect of powerful murals.

"Her ear for language is stunning as it places its perceptions at angles of sound and musical invention that leave you reeling with pleasure in one line and wriggling with horror in the next.

"Zier is a poet of despair who manages to unearth meaning through the assertion of her own courageous archaeologies. She loves her materials as only true seekers do -- with exactitude and the obsession to reveal yet one more truth." --Kathleen Fraser

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"There is a fierce perception in these poems, the result of Alison Zier's sharp-edged imagery and the energy of her free-moving rhythms.

"Together they make a rough music that is always a surprise, and something more: within the delight of abundant detail and a searing personal honesty, there is the psyche struggling with its world, wanting to understand the wounds, always willing to explore them.

"A brave and honest collection of poems." --George Keithley

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The Middle Aged Princess and the Frog, ISBN 0-918606-01-2, $3.95

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