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Dave Chilson's Fisherman's Journal by David Chilson
 A unique journal to log your data for successful fishing trips, developed by well-known fishing guide Dave Chilson.

About the author

David Chilson "was born on the banks of the mighty Raritan River in New Jersey. Sometimes the water was red, sometimes it was blue, sometimes it wasn't even water. Needless to say, lure color wasn't important ... gee, I loved New Jersey!"

Chilson moved to Northern California, a fisherman's paradise, over twenty years ago. "I have fished from Baja, Mexico, to British Columbia. My preferred type of fishing is small mountain lakes and rivers. Salmon and striper fishing in local rivers has become my latest passion, but I think fishing for kokanee salmon is the best way to spend the day."

The author is sought after by fishermen needing a guide to finding the best spots and learning the best way to catch the fish they find.

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From the author

How many times have you been in your boat or on the river and your fishin' buddy asks, "Where was that hole we were in last year?" or, "What month was it that we caught all them fish and on what lure?" It used to happen to me all the time.

All successful guides, and most good fishermen, keep their own version of a journal, because it works. Fishing time is valuable for most of us, and I'd rather be catchin' than fishin'. If you stay with this book, use it, and refer back to it, you won't be fishin' ... you'll be catchin'. It works for the big boys ... it will work for you. ...

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About the book

"In rivers, lakes and reservoirs, the key to finding and catching fish is water temperature and thermocline! By recording the water temperature and the depth of the temperature at various times when I fish, I can return to a spot with knowledge of the ideal conditions. When conditions are right, my only variable is the bait I use at a particular area, which I also write down in my journal. By using this book you'll soon realize that there is no off-season for fishing -- just more fish to catch." --Dave Chilson

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