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Table of Contents

California: The Pacific Connection by David W. Lantis, Rodney Steiner, Arthur E. Karinen
California geography with a regional approach for general interest to the educated reader and student.



Chapter One: Background

Part One: The Intermontane Region

Chapter Two: The Northeast

An Obtrusive Earth; Inhabitance; Land of Beef and Timber; The Several Realms; A Unique Land

Chapter Three: The Trans-Sierra

In Quest of Gold -- And Borax; A Desolate Land; The Sierra Forelands; The Western Great Basin; An Almost Changeless Land

Chapter Four: The Mojave Desert

A Land to Cross; The Desert; Enter Humankind; Shafts and Open Pits; Alfalfa and Sparse Pastures; Clusters of People; The Needles District; Desert Training and Missle Research; Fisherfolk and Rock Hounds; "Outliers" of "Greater" Los Angeles; The Rest of the Desert; The Desert Plan; Looking Forward

Chapter Five: The Colorado Desert

The Salton Trough; A Hot, Hot Summer Land; Creosote and Burroweed; Cahuilla and Yuman; A Way West; The Search for Water; Imperial Valley; Bard Valley; Anza Borrego Desert; Salton Sea; Coachella Valley; Palm Springs District; Compendium

Part Two: The Heartland

Chapter Six: Southern California

From Hokans to Pacific Basin Peoples; Market, Perishables, Electronics, and Tourtists; Land, Sea and Sky

The San Diego Country -- Metropolitan San Diego; North County; The Back Country

The Los Angeles Basin -- A Sprawling Conurbation; Los Angeles Coastal Plain; The Northwest; The Outer Plain; The Central Plain; Orange County; The San Fernando Valley; The San Gabriel Valley; The Inland Valley; The San Jacinto Basin

The Oxnard Plain -- A Beautiful Domain; Autos, Trains, and Oil Tankers; The Seaside; Megalopolitan

The Santa Barbara Coast

The Transverse Ranges -- Mountain Blocks and Chaparrel, The Role of People

The Channel Islands -- The Older Days; The Islands Today

In Retrospect

Chapter Seven: The Central Coast

Hills, Vales, and Oak Grasslands; Indians, Spanish and Anglos; A Late Century Overview

The Western Lowlands -- The Lompoc-Santa Ynez Valley, The Santa Maria Valley, The Arroyo Grande Valley, The San Luis Area, The Salinas Valley, Pajaro Valley, The Northern San Benito Valley

The Interior Basins -- The Upper San Benito Valley; Cuyama Valley, The Carrizon Plain

The Shore -- San Luis Obispo Bay; Morro Bay; Big Sur Country; The Monterey Peninsula, The Santa Cruz Coast

The Ranges -- The Santa Lucia Range; The Gabilan Range; The Diablo Range; Southern Ranges; Looking Ahead

Chapter Eight: The San Francisco Bay Area

San Fransicco Bay

The East Bay -- An Attractive Habitat; Villages Become Multi-Cities; By Land, Sea and Air; "Greater" Oakland; South Alameda Bayshore; The Oil Coast; Interior East Bay

The South Bay -- In the Middle; The West Side; The Western Slopes

The Peninsula -- This Blessed Land; Milk Cows and Commuters; Houses and Beaches

San Francisco -- "The City"; The Many Neighborhoods; Whither San Francisco?

Marin Peninsula -- This Blessed Land; Milk Cows and Commuters; Houses and Beaches

North Bay -- Six and a Half Central Places

The Northern Borderlands -- Santa Cruz Range; The Halfmoon Littoral; Southern Santa Clara Valley; Mount Hamilton Range

There Are Problems

Chapter Nine: The Great Central Valley

The Physical Realm; Rancherias Become Farms; A Land with Products; Freeways and Ship Channels; People of the Valley; "Bewildered Metropolises"

Sacramento Valley -- The Redding District; The West Side; The Flood Basins; The East Side; The Northern Districts; The Sacramento District

The Delta Lands -- A Variety of Crops; Waterland Paradise; Quiet Levee Places

The San Joaquin Valley -- The East Side; The Trough; The West Side; Fields of Cotton; The South End; Needed: One Good Crystal Ball1

Part Three: The Northern Highlands

Chapter Ten: The Sierra Nevada

The Arrangement; Foothills to Alpine Summits; Settlement; Locomotives and Automobiles; The High Sierra, The Eastern Slope; The Southern Prongs; The Foothills; The Northern Sierra

Chapter Eleven: The Southern Cascade

The Physical Realm; Yesteryear; Forestry and Other Pursuits; Quasi-Stagnant Villages; The Future

Chapter Twelve: The Northwest

Canyons, Rain and Conifers; From Salmon Fishers to Miners and Loggers; From Forestry to Tourism; The Real North Coast; Redwood Hearlands; Russian River Basins; Lake County; The Eastern Highlands; Klamath Country; A Hidden Corner - with Problems

Part Four: Overviews

Overview A: Climate

Controls; Change and Modification; A Diversity of Climates

Overview B: Landforms

Landform Divisions; Geomorphic Provinces; The Hazards of Earthquakes; Many Mineral Commodities

Overview C: Natural Vegetation

Overview D: Soils

Transported Soils; Residual Soils

Overview E: Population

Distribution Patterns; Hither, Thither; Structure; Social Belts

Overview F: Agriculture

Land and Farms; Owners and Workers; The Market Place; Scores of Commodities; Is There Space?

Overview G: Water

The Quest for Water; The California Water Project; Looking Ahead

Overview H: Energy

Consumption and Conservation; Energy Sources; The Future and Energy


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