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Table of Contents

Return of the Ancients by F. Edward Butterworth
A new understanding of Revelations including the concept of the original earth as equal-sized quarters.

List of Charts

List of Figures

To the Reader

Author's Statement

Church of the Firstborn

Four Quarters of the Earth

Two Personages

The Apostle Who Did Not Die


The Godhead

Christ's Angel

The Second Coming

Seven Servants

Prince of Kings

Glory and Dominion

Our Celestial Earth

The Lord's Day

Seven Golden Candlesticks

The Seven Stars

The Mystery

The Church in Ephesus

Try the Spirits

First Works

City of Enoch

The Church in Smyrna

The Church in Pergamos

Hidden Manna

The Church in Thyatira

Perverted Priesthood

Who Is Israel>

Thyatira Continued

The Church of Sardis

Book of Life

The Church of Philadelphia

The Jews

New Jerusalem

The Church at Laodicea


Two Thrones

The Holy Mount in Scripture

The Holy Mount in Science

The Holy Mount in Legend

Throne of the Father

God Is Light

Four and Twenty Elders

Seven Lamps

Sea of Glass

The Four Beasts

Casting Their Crowns

The Sealed Book

Elders Yield Up Power

The First Seal

A White Horse

The Second Seal


The Tower of Babel

The Jaredites

The Third Seal

North Country Quarter



The Fourth Seal

The Nephites

The Fifth Seal

The Sixth Seal

The Day of His Wrath

The Mother of Us All

The Everlasting Covenant

The Four Angels

As a Hem Gathereth Her Chickens

The Carcass

The 144,000

The Endowment

Arrayed in White Robes

The Gathering

The Last Shall Be First

The Centerplace of Zion


The Seventh Seal

The Golden Censer

The First Trump

The Second Trump

The Third Trump

The Fourth Trump

The Fifth Trump

The Locusts

Men Seek Death


The Sixth Trump


On Priesthood

Army of Horsemen

An Open Book

Seven Thunders

Time No Longer

Measuring the Temple

Two Witnesses

Sodom and Egypt

Witnesses Raised Up

The Seventh Trump

Throne of the Father


The Ark of His Testament

The Woman Clothed with the Sun

The Kingdom of God

The Great Red Dragon

The Wilderness

The Church of Christ (1st Dispensation)

The Church Nourished by Satan

The Church of Christ (2nd Dispensation)

The Church of Christ (3rdd Dispensation)

The Beast

The Dragon

The Church of Christ (4th Dispensation)

The Church of Christ (5th Dispensation)

The Church of Christ (6th Dispensation)

The Rise of Babylon the Great

Wine of the Wrath of God

A White Cloud

The Sharp Sickle

The Seven Plagues

Victory Over the Beast

Seven Golden Vials

First Plague

Second Plague

Third Plague

Fourth Plague

Fifth Plague

Sixth Plague

Three Unclean Spirits


Seventh Plague

The Woman in Purple and Scarlet

Mystery of the Woman

Seven Kings

Ten Horns

Fall of Babylon

Come Out of Her, My People

United States

The Merchants

The Final Binding of the United States

The Church of Christ (7th Dispensation)

Marriage of the Lamb

Faithful and True

Feast of Triumph

Beast and False Prophet Banished

Satan Cast Into the Pit

The Millennium

The Little Season

The Great White Throne

New Heaven and New Earth

The Lamb's Bride

The Golden Reed

The Holy City

Celestial Glory

Honorable Men of the Earth

Tree of Life

John's Final Testimony


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