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Table of Contents

Divine Origin of the Restoration by F. Edward Butterworth
Little known details of the restoration of Jesus Christ's Church of the Firstborn, from Adam and Eve to today.


Part One

Author's Statement

In the Beginning

The Church of the Firstborn


The First Dispensation

Another Sacred Book


Satan's Influence

The Godhead

The Fundamental Principles




Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Try the Spirits

Resurrection of the Dead

Eternal Judgment

The Kingdon (1st Dispension)

Apostasy (1st Dispensation)

Enoch, A Seer

Restoration in the Second Dispensation

Noah, a Prophet and Seer

Faith, Repentance, Baptism and the Laying on of the Hands

The Book of Enoch

Resurrection and Eternal Judgment

City of Peace


Top of page

Restoration in the Third Dispensation

Moses, A Seer

Christ, the Rock

The Fundamental Principles




Resurrection and Eternal Judgment


Restoration in the Fourth Dispensation

The Godhead

The Fundamental Principles



Water Baptism

Spiritual Baptism

Resurrection of the Dead

Eternal Judgment



Restoration in the Fifth Dispensation

The Godhead

The Fundamental Principles




Resurrection of the Dead

Eternal Judgment


The Mosaic Law

Samuel the Lamanite

Nephi 2 Disappears

Christ Appeared at Bountiful

The Godhead (Ancient America)

The Fundamental Principles

Resurrection of the Dead

Eternal Judgment


Signs of Christ's Second Coming

Cut Off from Among the People


Top of page

Part Two


Restoration in the Sixth Dispensation

The Name "Mormon"

A Divine Pattern

The Angel Moroni

The Sacred Plates

The Urim and Thummim

Epitome of Faith

Taught from on High

Joseph Receives the Plates

Martin Harris -- Scribe

Mystery of the Urmin and Thummim

The Ephod

The Oracle or Breastplate

Two Precious Stones

Miracle of the Shining Stones

Twelve Precious Stones

The Twelve Stones Shined Out

Light and Perfection

A Complex Instrument

A Complex Instrument

A Dark-Colored Stone

Two Methods of Translation

Faith Is Required

Oliver Cowdery

Organizing the Church as Fayette

Mission to the Indians

Sidney Rigdon

Kirtland, Ohio

John Whitmer

Oliver Cowdery in Independence, Missouri

Joseph Smith Arrives in Independence

The Temple Lot

The Evening and Morning Star

The First Presidency

Kirtland Temple

The Missouri Troubles

Shower of Stars

Flight to Clay County

Zion's Camp

The High Council of Zion

Richmond, Missouri

Book of Doctrine and Covenants

The Quorum of Twelve Apostles

Joseph's Problems with the Twelve

Reprimanding the Twelve

The Twelve Attack William Smith

The Saints at Kirtland and the Twelve

Egyptian Mummies

Top of page

Dedication of the Kirtland Temple

Kirtland Bank

William Marks

Mission to England

Apostles Leave for England

James Whitehead

Whitehead's Influence

Whitehead Confirmed

Kirtland Press Destroyed

Governor Boggs

Move to Far West

Brigham Young Flees Kirtland

Joseph and Emma Move to Far West

Apostle Thomas B. Marsh

Trial of Oliver Cowdery

Trouble at Gallatin, Missouri

Apostles Fire on Militia

Extermination Order

The Danites

Apostles in Charge at Far West

Secret Orders

Affidavit of T. B. Marsh

Affidavit of Orson Hyde

Haun's Mill

Joseph Smith Jr.'s Surrender

John Brush -- Eyewitness

Hosts of Heaven

Colonel Hinkle's Defense

At Joseph's Request

Hinkle Was Supoenaed

Hinkle Was Falsely Accused

Alexander Doniphan

Prisoners in Chains

The Inspired Version

Joseph Smith Sr.

The Twelve Returns to Far West

Joseph and Sidney Escape

Nauvoo, Illinois

Joseph's Counsel to the Twelve

Times and Seasons

Reorganization of the Twelve

Mission to Palestine

The Nauvoo Temple Begun

Top of page

History of Joseph Smith

Brigham Robert's History

History of Times and Seasons

Death of Don Carlos Smith

Robinson Resumes His Editorship

The Twelve Take Over the Church Press

The Millennial Star

The Far West Record

RLDS Church History

The Nauvoo Legion

Prophet, Seer, and Revelator

Power of the Twelve Increases

Baptism for the Dead

The Pineries

British Saints to America

The Mississippi River

Joseph Condemns Polygamy

Masonry in Nauvoo

John Bennett Clears Joseph

Sidney Rigdon Unjustly Accused

William Marks Clears Joseph

Joseph Makes His Appearance

Spiritual Wifery Is Not Polygamy

Hyrum Smith Loses Respect of Joseph Smith III

A Growing Center

Joseph's Conflict with Brigham Young

Brigham Young Used Church Funds

Attack Upon Sidney Rigdon

Nauvoo Expositor

Top of page

Year of Tragedy

President of the United States

The Council of Fifty

Politician Activation

King Follet Sermon

Joseph Speaks of His Death

John Lawn

Martyrdom of the Prophet

Marietta Walker's Tribute

Marietta Walker Continues

Sidney Rigdon to be a Guardian

Standing High Council

Guardian, Not President

Trial of Sidney Rigdon

Converts of the Twelve

William Marks Defends Sidney Rigdon

Young's Response

Brigham Took on Joseph's Appearance

The Pineries

Wight, A Colony Leader

Black River Falls

Peace at the Pineries

Leaving the Pineries

Wild Ram of the Prairie

Indian Country

Mound City, Kansas

Nauvoo Temple Defiled

Temple Endowments


Stout Writing Biographies

Emma Smith Harassed

The Quorum of Seventy

Decision to Leave Nauvoo

Stout Quotes Brigham

Young Joseph, the Legal Successor

James J. Strang

Strang Was Strong

Letter of Appointment

Strang Was a Lawyer

Brigham's Weak Position

Strang's Weaknesses Surface

Emma Did Not Sign

Top of page

Samuel Brannan

Brannan Leaves New York

The Brooklyn Arrives in San Francisco

Brannan Builds His Residence

First Print Shop in San Francisco

Brigham Young Leaves Nauvoo

Benjamin L. Clapp

Sugar Creek

George Miller

Garden Grove

Pratt Bends to Brigham's Will

Mt. Pisgah

Miller's Hollow at Kanesville

Conditions at Kanesville

Winter Quarters

Nettle Bend

Description of Winter Quarters

Mormon Battalion

Fears of President Polk

Captain James Allen

George P. Dykes

Money Not Given to Families

Colonel Allen Is Dead

Lieutenant Smith Arrives

Dykes Loyal to the U.S. Army

Brigham Young's Enforcers

Sick Soldiers Sent Home

Colonel Philip St. George Cooke

Dykes Promoted

San Diego

Mission Completed

New Hope

The California Star

The Comet

Missionaries from Tahiti

Brannan Meets Brigham Young

Brannan's Confrontation with Brigham

Brannan Returns to California

Brannan Liquidates His Business

Search for a Permanent Home

George D. Grant

Return to Winter Quarters

Grant Married Mary Van Orden

Police Tax

Polygamy Exposed


Brigham Becomes President of the Church

How Brigham Young Became President

Secret Sessions

Brigham's Power Over the People

A Premeditated Act

End of the Line

Whitehead Delivers Records to Winter Quarters

Immorality at Winter Quarters

Whitehead Flees Young's Colony

Top of page

Strang at Voree

Last Days of the Lyman Wight Colony

George Miller Arrives

Wight a Politician

Wight Reorganized the Church

Alpheus Cutler Colony

Cutler's Followers

Ozro Eastman

Sutter's Fort

Forerunner of the Pony Express

Yuba City and Marysville

Old Sacramento

The San Francisco Fire

The First Cliff House

Brannan's Railroad

Brannan and Tithing

Brannan's Faith Did Not Waver

Last Days of Sam Brannan

Leaving Winter Quarters

James Whitehead

Whitehead Leaves Brigham Young

Pioneers Crossing Nebraska

North Fork of the Platte

Pioneer Route Across Wyoming

Green River

Jim Bridger

Jasper Twitchel

Ragtown, Nevada

Into the High Sierras


Daniel C. Mills

On to Sutter's Fort

Twitchel Meets Brannan

Brannan Leaves for San Francisco

Top of page

Salt Lake: Mexican Territory

Treaty of Guadeloupe

Bogus Money

Return to Company Five

Hastings Cutoff

Indians in Utah

Scott Refused the Order

Ethan Barrows

Clapp Helps Build Temple

Destroying Angels

New Church Incorporated

Groundwork for the Reorganization Is Laid

Bridger's Problems Increase

Edward Trimmer

Glaud Rodger

Lonely and Dejected

Rodger Goes South

San Bernardino

A New Gospel

San Bernardino Fort

Rodger Leaves San Bernardino

Santa Barbara

Life in Santa Barbara

Brigham Called His Supporters Home

Thomas R. Hawkins

Handcart Company

Benjamin Clapp Takes Second Wife

Events to Carson Valley

Joseph Clapp Knew Brigham's Enforcers

Virginia City

Diamond Valley

Clapp Returns to Salt Lake City

Clapp Branded an Apostate

Clapp to be Assassinated

Another Judge Escapes from Utah

The Ghost Government

The Reformation

Mountain Meadows Massacre

Parley P. Pratt Assassinated

Young Joseph to Succeed His Father

Brigham Young Controlled the Courts

James Boydstun

Nobles Road Cutoff

Buchannan's Army

Echo Canyon

Brigham Young Removed as Governor

Brigham's Compromise

Johnston's Army

New Governor of Utah Harassed

Benjamin Clapp Deposed

Orson Pratt Deposed

Orson Pratt Supported Joseph Smith Jr.

Orson Repents

Web of Ploygamy

Manti, Iowa

Alpheus Cutler

Testimony of W. W. Blair

Many Remnant Groups Unite

The Reorganization

Young Joseph Denies Polygamy

Joseph to Honor the Ordinances


Top of page

Order Divine Origin of the Restoration by F. Edward Butterworth

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