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And After Your Testimony by F. Edward Butterworth
Describes preliminary conflict between religion and politics created by mysterious practices becoming known as Chaldean Mysteries.


Author's Statement

Testimony of the Flaxen Cord

Satan's Age-Old Weapons

The Flaxen Cord of Rebellion

The Agency of Man

The Father of All Lies

The Angels Are Ready

The Olive Leaf

He Will Seek Another People

The Holy Mount

The Restoration Church Falls into Apostasy

Testimony of the Chaldean Mysteries

The Rise of Ancient Chaldea


The Golden Cup


The Greek God Zeus

The Branch

The Mass

Extreme Unction

Idols Carried Through the Streets

Relic Worship

Temple Garments

The Rosary

Pontifex Maximus


Testimony of Isaiah

Search the Prophecies of Isaiah

Isaiah's Detailed Counsel to Us

The Ancients

The Daughters of Zion

Standing Alone

Few Will Be Chosen

The Escaped of Israel

Woe to Ariel

The Sealed Book

Idumea, or the World

A Highway Cast Up

The Watchmen of Zion

The Glory of Zion

Trees of Righteousness

A New Name

Rending of the Heavens

Isaiah Speaks of Our Day

Testimony of the Holy Scriptures

Searching the Old Testament

The Psalmist David

The Book of Jeremiah

The Prophet Ezekiel

Living Creatures

Untempered Mortar

Hireling Shepherds

The Abomination of Desolation

Searching the New Testament

A Falling Away

The Apostle Peter

Testimony of the Book of Mormon

Searching the Book of Mormon

Two Churches

The Law of Moses

The Endowment

An Idle Witness

The Testimony of Moroni


Testimony of the Doctrine and Covenants

Continued Revelation

The Anger of the Lord

The Institutional Church

A Pattern in All Things

The Testimony of Nature

The Great Millennial

The Seventh Thousand Years

Give Ear, O Earth

The Divine Process of Judgment

And After Your Testimony

The Resurrections

The Great Day of the Lord

The Camp of the Saints

Celestial Glory


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