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Table of Contents

Passing Gas: The History of Inflight Refueling by Major Vernon B. Byrd, Jr.
History and stories about in-flight fueling in peaceful and combat situations.



Section I

The Beginning

Coming of Age

Jet Power Versus Propeller Power

The Jet Age

The Flying Boom

Vietnam, 1962-1966

Vietnam, 1966-1975

Post Vietnam

Section II



Two Hundred Plus, story by Colonel Lou Morton, USAF, retired

Beeper, from SAC Tanker Operations in Southeast Asia

Failed, story by Mrs. Elaine F. Schnekser

Lewis, from SAC Tanker Operations in the Southeast Asia War

Many Saves, story by Colonel Fred Watkins, USAF, retired

Green Anchor 59, story by Major Vernon B. Byrd, USAF, retired

Panda Flight, story by Captain Howard Bodenhamer

Plain De Jars, story by Captain Charles E. Ray, USN, retired

Peanuts Flight, story by Ken Kerkering

Purple Heart, story by Colonel Don Windrath, USAF, retired

Red 25, from SAC Tanker Operations in Southeast Asia

SAR, story by Thomas E. Davey, then captain

Phantoms, story by Arthur P. Grothouse

The Medal, story by Leo Garza

Takhli, story by P. K. Foley

Tri-level Refueling

Weather Save

To the Ball, story by Harley Ames

Gulf of Tonkin, narration by Lee Holcomb

Linebacker, story by Colonel White, USAF, retired

SARCAP, Anonymous





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Order Passing Gas: History of Inflight Refueling. ISBN 0-9639977-1-8, $39.95

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