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Kedma's Paradise edited by Lynn Hartsell, Mona Locke, Lois McDonald
Compilations of Kedma Dupont Utt's "Paradise Postings" column from the Paradise Post, June 1949 - December 1959.

From the publisher

We each have an idea of what Paradise means to us, of course, but to residents of Paradise, California, it means both that other place we aspire and our earthly home.

To Kedma Utt, co-owner and editor of the Paradise Post, fell the necessity of reporting the news events from the earthly Paradise in the weekly paper. To Kedma, Paradise was more than the doings of the school board, the irrigation district and the chamber of commerce. It was a state of mind, the stirrer of the senses for finer things, and for humor! Being human, the Ridge dwellers were sometimes prone to folly. The editor frequently confessed her own shortcomings, while sharing her amusement at, and affection for, the sleepy foothill town with its rich history and mining, hunting, fishing, and apples -- and public squabbling. This book consists of excerpts from her column, "Paradise Postings," 1949 through 1959.

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Order Kedma's Paradise, ISBN 0-9631582-8-7, $15.00

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