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Glenn County Sketchbook by Thelma B. White, introduction by Lois McDonald
Historic Glenn County, California, stories, geography and events taken from the author's Willows Journal and Wagon Wheels columns.



An Introduction to Glenn County History

Valley Promise Untapped

Valley Salt -- Indian Treasure

Salt Spring Valley Visit

Bidwell Reaches County

Indian Dance House

Unique Cult Lives Today

Indian Garb

Area Indian Builders

Simple Indian Diet

Swift Adobe First in County

Swift Settles in County

Swift Finds Gold

Swift Builds Sonoma Home

Fatal Fall Ends Swift's Days of Glory

Plat of Montroeville, Upper Sacramento

Monroeville -- Teamster's Town

Monroehouse -- Wayside Inn

Monroeville Loses in an Imbroglio

Colusi County

Newville in Its Heyday

Newville -- A Unique Way of Life

General Store -- Community Center

Newville Church -- A Lingering Relic

Artisans Provide Special Services to Community

Traveling Peddlers Bring Enjoyment

Country Doctor

Newville Becomes a Ghost Town

Merry-Go-Round Brings Fun

Chrome -- A Vanishing Past


The Making of Soap


The Outhouse -- Symbol of a Bygone Era

County Trails

Valley Stage Lines

The Sacramento River

River Steamboats

River Races

Traders Use River

Barges Ply River

Head of Navigation Fight

Diary Report on a Flood

Commercial Fishing


Chinese Aid Valley

Prosperous Chinatown in Willows

The Chinese Contribution

Goose Herding

Germantown -- Disputed Name

Dr. Hugh James Glenn Buys Land in Valley

Glenn Acquires More Land -- At a Cost in Blood

California Becomes the Bread Basket of the World

Glenn's Management System

Era of Animal Power

The Life of the Hired Hands

Feeding the Glenn Work Crews

Glenn Ranch Headquarters at Jacinto

The Sacramento -- Shipping Highway to the Sea

Glenn Asked to Seek State Office

The Murder of Doctor Hugh James Glenn

Justice Done

Saddle Bags to Station Wagon


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Order Glenn County Sketchbook, ISBN 0-9631582-5-2, $26.75

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