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Geese in the Fog by Sylvia Storla Clarke
Collection of selected poetry from seven decades of work.

Prairie Covenant
Storm Rider
Facts and Felines
Dusty Love
Apple Tree Monologue
Corn Husker's Folk Song
Well Adjusted Robin
Sold C One Farm
Just You Wait!
The Robin and the Janitor
Phy. Sci. Love
You Could Be Right
Farm Mother
The Grandma House
Lone Homesteader
Dark Interim
The Walk of Faith
Prairie Winds
Alamo Voices
Old House Sleeping
The Pattern of Fear
To a Useless Weather Vane
Grandmother at the Circus
When No One Pursues
The Way with Words
Freight Train Lullaby
The Merry-Go-Round
March Madness
To a Gentle Lady
When Dusk Is Drawn
Mocking a Mocking Bird
On Looking Back
Desert Promise
The March of Spring
Foreboding Forest
Jonathan, the Gardener
The Blessing Tree
Reprieve of the Stubble Field
Love Is a Witch
Wind Song
Lemme Outa Here!
Chaos in the Kitchen
The Patient Speaks to Herself
When Alders Are Greening
Landgoing Sea Gulls
Charity Ward
Ultimatum on the Plains
Geese in the Fog
Yangtze Nocturne
Soliloquy of the Mother of Judas Iscariot
Miracle at Galilee
Easter Trumpets
The Pressed Rose
Lyric in Minor
Soul Support
The Trysting
Guardians of the Sick
Silent Sounds
To a Moth
Ghost Town Windmill
Even Then, My Love
Thin Silence
A Glimpse at a Novice
In Sorrow
The Journey of Mary
In the Chapel
The Fallen
In Moving Shadows
The Bougainvillea Vine
The Ballad of Careena Carruthers
Physical Science Flop
The Game
Give Me Today!
Victorian Cash Extraction
Trust Me, Babe!
Down with Pathogens
Memo to a Doctor
Cure for Unrequited Love (Three Easy Lessons)
The Same to You!
Tax-Crying Time Again

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Order Geese in the Fog, ISBN  0-963158260, $15.00

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