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Historic Shot Glasses: The pre-Prohibition Era by Barbara Edmonson
Describes, illustrates and prices shot glasses from the pre-Prohibition era for collectors.

Comments from the publisher

This book [the first edition] has been out of print for several years but it has been eagerly sought by collectors for its descriptions of glasses and the information it provides about an era of whisky production that preceded the Prohibition. During that time between 1890s and 1928, distillers and wholesalers advertised many of their brands by inscriptions that were imprinted, etched, or painted on shot glasses. Some saloons and taverns similarly advertised. With their historical inscriptions and fragile charm, these glasses from the spirituous time before Prohibition have become interesting and valuable collectibles.

This book helps by identifying the distributors of many of the old whiskeys. If you can find a glass inscribed "Edro Rye," for example, you will learn from the book that the brand was produced by E. H. Roche Co. of Detroit. If one of your glasses is inscribed "Echo Spring," it came from S. Grabfelder Company of Louisville. If you are lucky enough to have a "Gold Dust Whiskey" it came from N. Van Bergen & Company in San Francisco, and you are the owner of a small treasure.

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Order Historic Shot Glasses, ISBN 0-9620504-2-3, $18.50

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