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Table of Contents

What's in the Woods? by William N. Dennison and Clifford R. Gilbert
Histories of Diamond Match logging camps 1927-1944  and the kids who grew up there.


About the Authors


Regional Map


The Kids

Chapter I—Logging Camps

The Story Begins

Bums Need Not Apply

Six of Diamond’s Camp Locations Described

Lessons Learned and Consequences

Adults—They Cared

Unforgettable Memories

Chapter II—The Loggers

The Cookhouse

The Cook—Walter St. George

Walter St. George—The Man

What’s in The Woods?

Timing Is Everything—The Logging Season

A Long Haul to the Saw Mill—Railroads and Trucks



Saw Filers—Friends of the Cutting Crew

The Blacksmith—Symbolic of the Loggers’ Strength

Mules, Donkeys, and Cats

The Log Landing

Death and Injuries—Part of the Trade


Chapter III—The Feeling Of Community

Our Dear Mothers

Custom Made Cabin Yards

Memories—Use of Our Five Senses

Mrs. Green’s Cabin—A Camp Learning Center

Whooping It Up At a Chivaree!

Baths—A Big Production

Prepare, Preserve, or Pitch

Knowledge Is Power—Gossip Is Fun

Outhouses—Fear and Survival

Camp Life Was Not Complicated

Trips and Treats

Three R’s—One Teacher—One Room

We Listened—Learned—and Prayed

Kids’ Games Galore

Spike—The Camp Dog

Leisure Time For All

Stand Up and Fight

What Was Our Community?

Chapter IV—Fishing And Hunting... Facts Or Myths?

Chapter V—Changes In Our Lives



Top of page

What's in the Woods?

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