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The Oroville-Quincy Ridge Route by David M. Brown
Historical story of the road between Oroville and Quincy, California



Chapter 1: Introduction and Orientation

Chapter 2: Natural Characteristics Shaping the Development of Travel and Settlements

Chapter 3: Early Development and Use of the Ridge Route and Vicinity

Chapter 4: A Section of the Beckwourth Trail, 1851-1855

Chapter 5: A String of Wagon Roads, 1856-1883

Chapter 6: A Primary Road, 1884-1909

Chapter 7: Routes Are Chosen, 1906-1937

Chapter 8: Eclipse, 1938-1985

Chapter 9: A Forest Highway, 1986-Present

Chapter 10: Following the Ridge Route--Viewing Places of Interest Along the Way

Chapter 11: Future Prospects

Maps, Photos, and Charts

Color Photo Essay: Contemporary Views and Landmarks on the Ridge Route

Map 1: The Oroville-Quincy Ridge Route and Alternative Routes

Map 2: Oroville-Quincy Ridge Route, Historical Landmarks and Features

Photo: Ten-horse Team at Buckeye Hotel, Plamas County (1888)

Photo: Frog Rock

Photo: Basalt Breccias found at Walker Plain

Chart: Altitudes for Various Locations of the Oroville-Quincy Highway (1910)

Chart: Precipitation and Runoff: A Comparison of the Ridge Route and Other Area Locations

Photo: Painting of Bidwell Bar (c. 1856)

Photo: Beckwourth Trail

Photo: Wilson Seama, "W.S." Dean

Photo: Bucks Valley

Photo: Toll Gate

Photo: Horses with Snow Shoes

Photo: The Harry Bean Oroville-Quincy Stage

Photo: Rutherford Complex, Bucks Valley

Photo: Crescent and Main Streets, Quincy (1906)

Chart: State of California Vehicle Registrations by County

Photo: Brush Creek School

Photo: Grizzly Dome Tunnel

Photo: Bucks Summit Trail Head

Photo: Four Trees Facilities for Motorcycles and Snowmobiles

Color Photo: Bucks Lake Road with Spanish Peak in Distance

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