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The Lassen Peak Eruptions & Their Lingering Legacy Vivid recollections and eyewitness accounts of an active volcano by Alan Wayne Willendrup
1914-1915 Lassen Peak volcanic eruption and history

The 1914-1915 eruptions received sensational and very exaggerated national coverage. This book sets the story straight. In 1975 Willendrup interviewed many eyewitnesses to the eruptions who were still alive and graciously shared their accounts with him. Their vivid recollections of this geological milestone brought this narrative to life; they are the real "meat and potatoes" of the book.

This book concentrates on the human interest stories at the time: Lance Graham's near fatal encounter during one mad dash a night through the Hat Creek Valley to warn residents of the impending mudflow, B. F. Loomis and his now famous photographs of Lassen Peak, and the effects the blasts and mudflows had on the families living in the immediate area of devastation.

These people are gone now, but their spirits and memories live on in the pages of this book.

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