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In Search of Captain Warner (revised) by Patricia Barry, et al.
Story of a courageous soldier revealing the history of an amazing time in American and California 1800s history.

ANCHR Introduction to 2011 Edition

Finding Captain Warner by Philip D. Warner 

Letters to Captain William Warner 

Addendum from Philip Warner

Original Manuscript by Patricia Barry

Preface by W. H. Hutchinson “Old Hutch” 

In Search of Captain Warner by Patricia Barry

Addendum (to original edition)



ANCHR Addendum 2011--The Captain’s Long-Lost Journal

Maps, Photos and Illustrations

Photo: Phil and Liv Warner on the their Journey 

Photo: William Henry Warner Memorial Stone

Copy of Newspaper Article: “Canaan Engineer Slain” 

Photo: Phil and Captain Warner’s Uniforms

Map 1: William Warner’s U.S. Army Career

Map 2: William Warner’s California Army Service

Map 3: Captain Warner’s Final Expedition

Copy: Captain Warner’s Original Hand-Written Orders

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