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Secrecy or Freedom? Declaring War on Political Dissimulation by Alan B. Jones
Delves into history to identify and study our attacker, in order to seek out weaknesses which may be exploited.

There is a large and growing number of Americans in our country today who perceive that our society is rapidly sliding down a slippery slope toward world socialism, and that no levers seem to be available to bring that slide to a halt, much less to reverse it. We are fed soothing platitudes by our national news media concerning world politics, while our entertainment media keeps us distracted with sports, sex, and violence. Our schools indoctrinate our kids with socialism, ensuring the future predominance of "liberal" legislatures. Our politicians keep their eyes on their single main goal, which is to get reelected. Our families hardly have the time or energy to think about what is really wrong, and what might be done about it, because two paychecks are now needed just to keep bread on the table and a roof overhead.

The purpose of this book is to outline the crucial history revealing who the culprits really are who have brought us so low, and what their main weapons have been in the war that they are waging against us and against all aspiring middle classes around the world. This knowledge will in turn reveal to us their Achilles heel - a weakness which has always existed, but which can now, for the first time in modern history, be successfully exploited. An action plan is outlined to regain control of our country for the benefit of We the People, and to the benefit of all peoples throughout the world.

"It can be done! If you are one who still wishes to save for your children and grandchildren the freedoms that were won by our founders and preserved for over 200 years by the blood, sweat, and tears of our ancestors, I invite you to take part in this great struggle for which our ultimate victory can, for the first time, be dimly seen on the horizon.

The historical outline which I shall develop will utilize reviews of a carefully selected set of books, some old, some new, but all carrying their own bibliographic references sufficient to support their credibility. I have sequenced the chapters roughly in the order in which the covered knowledge has become known to the several truth-seeking authors. Each of these works is currently available, and I have included at the beginning of each chapter the address of the publisher or other source from whom the work may be purchased.  --Introduction,  Alan B. Jones

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