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Let's Fix America! by Alan B. Jones
Outline of how many of our national problems could easily be solved with a Congress able and willing to do the job.

From the author

Let's Fix America! discusses 17 major problems facing the citizens of the United States. The thrust of the book, however, is not just to identify the many problems which face us, but to convince and demonstrate to readers that realistic, workable solutions to these problems exist, though not within the political framework of a collectivist government. Inflation can be stopped in its tracks, and our federal budget balanced.

The tax load can be reduced, and large-scale capital saving restored, by federal budget caps and major tax reforms. Social Security and Medicare can be privatized, to the benefit of both recipients and our private economy. The real problems with our medical care system are identified and dealt with, with essentially no residual government involvement. Welfare can be returned to local jurisdictions, where it can be effectively monitored. Government bailouts can be a thing of the past.

The drug problem can readily be left behind us, and certain legal and societal reforms can result in drastically reducing our prison populations, while making our streets much safer. Schools can readily be restored to safe places of substantive preparation for adult life. Reforms are offered to stop our growing tendency to sue each other whenever a financial reverse is encountered. A rational solution to the 20-year screaming match over abortion is presented.

Medical and legal steps to deal with AIDS are discussed. Solutions to illegal immigration issues are proposed, and a rational, inexpensive, and useful foreign policy is presented, nothing like what we presently have.

Finally, the fundamental illness of our Congress is diagnosed, and a number of major changes proposed to get that institution back on the track of serving our whole body politic. A strategy for implementing the above changes over the next 20 years or so is discussed.

Proposed changes in federal and state law to implement these reforms are tested against criteria for appropriate law appearing in the writings of our founders (Jefferson, Madison, and their philosophic predecessor John Locke), Frederick Bastiat, Albert Jay Nock, and Ayn Rand. These "Four Graybeards" provide overlapping and complementary prescriptions for judging good vs. bad law. It will not come as a surprise, therefore, that the solutions offered in Let's Fix America! are consistent with confining government to activities aimed at protecting and preserving the individual rights of our citizens to their own life, liberty and property, and pulling government back from many of the encroachments which it has itself made on those rights.

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From the publisher

Let's Fix America identifies many of the real socio-political problems facing Americans today, develops solutions for long-term fixes for these problems, and offers a non-partisan political approach for implementing those solutions. The proposals deal with eliminating inflation, balancing the federal budget and eventually eliminating the federal debt, replacing the income tax, replacing the "untouchable" transfer programs, including Medicare, Social Security and Welfare, dealing definitively with education issues, drugs, urban crime, liability litigation, abortion, AIDS, immigration, foreign policy, and the structural repair of Congress. Solutions are tested against criteria of Locke, Jefferson, and other Constitutionalists.

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About the author

Alan B. Jones is a recently retired electrical engineer, having worked for a major U. S. manufacturing firm for over 40 years. He was bitten by the political bug back in the Goldwater days, and once ran for office himself, for state senator on a third party ticket, but has not otherwise been in the public spotlight. He says he has poured his whole life of political awareness into this book, to help the new generation get up to speed faster, for the good of the whole country. He believes that his book can serve as an outline for action, or a platform, for the political parties, old and new, which will dominate the next 20 years or so of our country's history.

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Order Let's Fix America, ISBN 0964084805, $15.00


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