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How the World Really Works by Alan B. Jones
Relates historical events of the nineteenth century which convincingly show that our problems are not mere happenstance.

"A powerful digest of commentary that unveils the sorry state of today's American condition. And it smarts! A searing 320 pages that Jones produced by reviewing other books of common complaint and sewing them together with his own observations . It 'will convince you that our problems are interconnected in a way that you probably never guessed.' Names names, pulls no punches." --The Spotlight

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"If it takes you more than a few days to read this book, I have defeated my own purpose. That purpose is to provide a shortcut for politically astute readers to acquire the essential knowledge needed to be effective in the ongoing fight to save for our posterity the great experiment in freedom that was launched 200 years ago by our country's founders.

"I have selected and reviewed in this volume a mere handful of the many books which have been written outlining our various problems. Taken together, however, they will correctly spell out who we are really fighting, what their goals are, and what strategies they are utilizing to attain those goals. Once these matters are understood, effective counter-strategies are easy to define. Without this understanding, our efforts will continue to be aimed at symptoms rather than causes, and will continue to be insufficient, misdirected, and ineffective.

"These reviews cannot possibly cover all the detail contained in the original books themselves. They can, however, convince you that our problems are interconnected in a way that you probably never guessed, and that very few of even the most politically active people understand. I urge you to acquire these several books yourselves to help you fill in more pieces of the puzzle for yourselves. Many of the actions most needed by our society will then become obvious to you, to the benefit of us all." --Introduction,  Alan B. Jones

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Order How the World Really Works, ISBN 0964084813, $15.00

Order How the World Really Works by Alan B. Jones

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